What is the differences between the Big Bore vs. the LaneSplitter?

The Big Bore has stepped headers, 1 3/4 to 1 7/8 to 2” at the collector. It has a reversion chamber after the collector, a stepped baffle of 2 1/4 -  2 1/2”, and the muffler body is 4.5” in diameter. It creates a really deep throaty tone and makes great power across the board but especially bottom to mid “useable” TQ and HP. It works well on stock motors and is capable of handling larger built motors as well. You will have a deep tone at idle, under load, and on decel.

The LaneSplitter still uses the same stepped headers, has a baffle of 2 1/4 all the way through and the muffler body is 4” which is an industry standard. The muffler creates a similar deep tone but definitely has a bit more raspiness to it. If you’re looking for the louder one, this would be it. The LaneSplitter still makes great numbers across the board but falls a bit shorter than the Big Bore. Works great on stock motors but will be limited in the larger motor build category. You will have deep tone with a bit of raspiness at idle and on decel. A deep throaty tone under load.

How do I install my exhaust?

Watch our quick install video to guide you through the installation process.


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